Refund Policy
Last Updated on November 1, 2017
Cancellation/Refund Policy

Because of the sensitive and proprietary nature of our intellectual property and support, coaching, and SaaS services, customers will rarely qualify for refunds, cancellation or deferred payments. Upon the rare case customers may be eligible for refund consideration, the following criteria must be met and reviewed by a senior manager: (1) within a 5 day window you must provide clear documentation and show your work from the initial Orientation and Training/Coaching modules in the blueprint training center. Also, include any and all implementation proof of non Facebook advertising training included that you have executed beyond the initial modules. (2) the preceding proof of implementation must be sent to a company manager in the format required (3) an audit and review call must be scheduled with a senior team member after your screenshots have been reviewed and approved. You must show active performance and implementation of the system. Any potential cases can only be initiated by phone at 205-677-8581. Accounts cannot be bound or modified via email or voicemail. If you have a binding UGA Financing Agreement, you are bound to the terms and conditions of that consumer loan and will be held to Big Lead Gen, Inc. dba terms, policies, and procedures.

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